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The aboni GmbH, headquartered in Caputh, Germany, is a renowned specialist and established provider of highly precise measuring instruments for determining residual moisture in solids. Since our founding in 2002, our primary goal has been to deliver the highest possible quality. We proudly announce that our products are already successfully deployed in over 2000 applications worldwide.

aboni has become a trusted partner in the plastics processing industry. We serve customers in the fields of injection molding, profile & hose extrusion, as well as film & fiber production. Additionally, we cater to related industries, including the chemical industry, compounding, and machinery equipment manufacturers.

Customer Focus

Customer satisfaction is always at the forefront of aboni's priorities. We work closely with our customers to understand their specific requirements and provide tailor-made solutions. Our aim is to build long-term partnerships and deliver genuine value to our customers


As a responsible company, we strive for sustainability in all aspects of our business operations. Our measuring instruments contribute to optimizing energy consumption and reducing waste, thus promoting more environmentally friendly production.
Innovative, reliable, and customer-oriented

The aboni GmbH is your partner for precision measuring instruments for determining residual moisture in solids.

Core Component Gas Sensor

Initially used as a supplied part in our measuring instruments, the technical execution soon no longer met our high requirements in terms of sensitivity, resolution, and robustness. As a result, the production of the gas sensor has been entirely carried out in our own premises since 2008, ensuring full control over its quality and performance.

Research and Development

For creating prototypes and experimental setups, we have access to CNC machines, a lathe, and a 3D printer. In the field of software and automation tasks, we utilize the LabVIEW® development environment from National Instruments. This equipment enables us to swiftly realize new projects with production-quality standards in a short period


At our company headquarters, we conduct the final assembly, initial calibration, and commissioning of all products during series production. To maintain quality and efficiency, we collaborate with carefully selected regional suppliers for external components, such as milled or lasered parts, and surface coatings. Through proactive production planning, we ensure seamless readiness for on-time deliveries.


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